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orders from other online shops are more than welcome!

Mukunoki service
Top 3 ranking

Mukunoki service

Top 3 ranking


Plan Auction :Deposit Plan
Mukunoki repeat customers' No1 Plan
service fee 23%-17%)


Auction ; simple Plan
Once a month, this plan is suited for
those who do not use mukunoki often. (flat fee)


J -Band fan club service
For a cost of a cup of coffee per day,
start being a FC member today!

Deposit Plan

Deposit here

Auction : Deposit Plan
Full Name
E mail address
Flat fee Plan coupon ranking

Mukunoki : Flat fee Plan Coupon ranking


Limited Ticket: for Girls in their 20s

For a single item, even for a total of $1000
service fee is a flat rate of 3600YEN!
To support girls who purchase clothing over $200.

Girls only ticket
Your Full name
E mail address

600YEN ticket
Available for purchases between 1YEN-2000YEN
4 Get 1 Free ! 10 Get 3 Free!

600YEN ticket ( 1YEN-2000YEN)
Full Name
E mail Address

Group Order Ticket
Ideal ticket for organizing group orders with friends.
Up to 3 people, 6 items total - Service Fee of 6600YEN
Limited to 3 (three) per day, in testing stage.

1-3( max 6 items)
Group Order Ticket
Full Name
E mail Address



If you order something with someone else from same seller (shop),
you can split the shipping cost (from shops to Mukunoki JP)

And pay the bank fee (300 yen) only once.
If you buy something from same seller (shop) shipping cost changes so total will be cheaper.

wenn du etwas mit jemand anderem gemeinsam vom selben Verkäufer (Shop)kaufst, könnt ihr die Kosten teilen (von Shops zu Mukunoki JP) und die Bankgebühr (300 Yen) nur einmal zahlen.
Kauft ihr etwas vom selben Käufer (Shop) ändern sich die versandkosten und der Endpreis wird günstiger.


Yahoo auction

The biggest auction site in Japan

You can find ehatever you want here!

Shipping cost
from shop ⇒ mukunoki jp

M bok

Cell phone auction site. Fashion, music, goods
and many other categories here!

Shipping cost
from shop ⇒ mukunoki jp


One of the biggest auction and mail order site around

Shipping cost
from shop ⇒ mukunoki jp







mukunoki mission

  1. We provide service with safety (auction refund system) and fun (a rock community)
    to girls in their 20's who are J-rock fans and who love Japanese fashion outside of Japan.
    As a result, we have become the center of the spread of J-rock around the world.
  2. At the same time,
    if you expect or rely on us for everything, we cannot always accept.
    Please read our rules before ordering and we will do everything we can for you.
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